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              -Application of license plate recognition

              With the development of society, our life is becoming more and more intelligent in many aspects. License Plate Recognition System is gradually applied to parking management in various places. Its appearance and use saves a lot of manpower and improves the efficiency of parking management.

              First、Application in parking lot system and cell entrance and exit

              Parking lot license plate recognition system is mainly to record the number of the vehicle, the color of the car body, the time of vehicle access to achieve the automatic management of parking lot vehicles. Its appearance not only avoids the loophole of manpower management, such as the management personnel modifying the vehicle information to get the cost from it, but also can automatically and objectively record the situation of vehicles in and out of the community, such as automatically judging whether the vehicles in the community belong to the community. Parking lot license plate recognition system equipment as long as installed in the parking lot entrance and exit can solve many problems once and for all. Its appearance can also be analyzed and identified for those license plates that are blocked or confused. It saves a lot of trouble for parking and parking administrators and greatly reduces errors due to manpower.

              Second、Application in Expressway and toll station

              There is a license plate recognition system at the entrance and exit of expressway toll station. It is mainly used for traffic policemen to inquire the license plate information of illegal vehicles, and it can also effectively manage and arrest some illegal vehicles. But the general toll stations are set in the open air environment, and some vehicles travel faster, so the general installation of the parking lot license plate recognition system at the toll station entrance and exit requires high recognition, so it is convenient to read the vehicle information.

              Third、Application in public safety of urban traffic

              At present, the number of motor vehicles in China is increasing rapidly, which makes the highway transportation more and more busy. The sharp increase in the number of motor vehicles also leads to the increase of traffic criminal cases. In this case, we can use a license plate recognition system to record violations of traffic rules of motor vehicles, and these drivers are strictly punished.